Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

The following guidelines are typical of those followed at hundreds of conscious dances around the world, having been developed through community discussions and agreement over decades.

Before You Arrive
  • Be clean. Please arrive fresh with a clean body and clothes, as some of us are sensitive to any scented products (including essential oils) or strong body odors.
  • Be clear-minded. We dance free of alcohol and illegal substances.
  • Leave your shoes and smartphones off the dance floor. (If you need shoes for foot health, we welcome soft-soled shoes that have not been worn outside.
Holding a Safe and Sacred Space
  • Dance and move however you feel it. There’s no right or wrong way to be ecstatic!
  • Be curious, open, and accepting. Please suspend judgements of self or other.
  • Refrain from talking on the dance floor. Take all conversations out to the lobby
  • Move with care and awareness through the space. Help us avoid collisions on the dance floor.
  • Be mindful of others’ personal boundaries. Ecstatic Dance is very contact-friendly, but we all have different levels of comfort when it comes to being approached and touched. Do not give unwelcome attention to others.
  • No taking pictures or video. Photography tends to take people out of their deep experience and is a breach of privacy.
Being with Our Music
Our particular approach to Ecstatic Dance opens with flowing music to warm-up the body, builds steadily in tempo & intensity to reach peaks of ecstasy, and eventually glides into meditative, heart-chakra stillness. During the journey we play a very wide variety of music across different genres. If there’s a song you don’t prefer or that doesn’t seem danceable at first, we invite you to be curious and try to discover it in your body. Or use it as an opportunity to work with the judgements that arise. Or hold witness for how others are feeling the music. Or take a break to visit our altar or get some water. Just know that the music keeps changing, so something different is coming soon.

To maintain ulitmate freedom we agree to the follwoing:
* Ecstatic dance is a freeform dance – feel free to dance as you please.
* Opening and closing the dance together honours community and creates intention.
* Ecstatic dance welcomes you to make sounds on the dance floor. If you wish to engage in conversation, please do so in the front room.
* Ecstatic Dance encourages barefoot dancing (unless a medical condition or flooring prohibits).
* Ecstatic dance is a drug and alcohol free event, inviting you to reach your own natural state of ecstasy.
* Ecstatic dance welcomes solo dancers as well as partner dancers. Awarenes allows us to respect each other’s space.

Dancing with others:
* listen for a Yes (get eye contact first)
* respect any no (like when they are ignoring you)
* respect the Solo Dancers’ Right to their Space – hands in prayer at heart means: „ I see you, and thank you for the dance (that just ended).“

1.  Move however you wish
2.  No talking on the dance floor
3.  Respect yourself and one another
Ecstatic Dance is a Drug & Alcohol Free Space
Please also refrain from photos, video, and shoes & scents.

Ecstatic Dance is…

⦁ ​A shamanic journey of music & movement for exercise, stress release, celebration of life, and community connection
⦁ A practice of movement meditation, where „every body“ dances however they are inspired, in whatever ways feel great, like nobody is watching
⦁ Freeform dance jam to a varied mix of organic and electronic beats in warm, playful, inclusive community
⦁ Where dancing solo or with others are equally welcome
⦁ A space free of shoes, booze, conversation, photography, and unwanted attention—where everyone feels safe and supported to go deep in their own personal experience
⦁ Where we dance to express, not to impress